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2009 - 2018


2011 - 2018

BOCCATO INDUSTRIES provides unrivaled consulting services to bars, restaurants, and hospitality venues wherever beverages are served and enjoyed—including bar design, custom cocktail and ice programs, menu development, staff training, and more. CONTACT US to introduce a superior caliber of cocktails and ice to your bar.


Richard Boccato was born in Florence, Italy and raised in Brooklyn, New York. From 2005-2009 he was employed as a bartender at Little Branch and Milk & Honey, respectively. In May 2009 Boccato and Sasha Petraske swung the doors of Dutch Kills; a cocktail saloon in Long Island City Queens where crystal-clear block ice has been hand cut behind the bar to fit any variety of beverage since the day it opened to the public. Dutch Kills was named “Best International Bar” at the annual Bartenders’ Choice Awards in Stockholm in 2013 (it was nominated for the same award again in 2015).

In May 2010, Boccato opened PKNY aka "Painkiller", a New York City Tiki Bar that played a pivotal role in the global revival of the tropical cocktail genre. In December 2010, Boccato opened Weather Up Tribeca in Downtown Manhattan; which under his purview became the first cocktail bar in the world to feature in-house block ice production with its very own Clinebell CB300X2D carving block ice making machine. In March 2011, Boccato brought forth Hundredweight, the very first in-house block ice production and delivery service for cocktail bars and beyond.  In May 2012, Boccato spearheaded the cocktail and ice program at Weather Up Austin, bringing in-house block ice production to a Texas cocktail bar for the very first time. In March 2016, Boccato opened Fresh Kills Bar, the first of his professional efforts in his native Brooklyn. In January 2017, Boccato joined forces with 213 Hospitality to open Bar Clacson, “an American local with a European accent” in Downtown Los Angeles. In May 2017, Boccato and the Bar Clacson crew unleashed The Slipper Clutch in the same locale, where classic highball cocktails have been reimagined to flow for the first time behind the bar from a soda gun.

Boccato has undertaken consulting projects for bars and restaurants spanning the continental United States as well as throughout Europe and Australia. He has traveled the world to deliver lectures and seminars on the subject of cocktails and ice wherever bartenders and civilians alike have expressed their interest. Boccato’s name and professional exploits have been lauded in the pages of internationally renowned publications including Forbes, GQ, Esquire, Food & Wine, Saveur, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2013 he was featured in the widely acclaimed documentary film “Hey Bartender”.



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